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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

MMM Sets N31.735 Maximum Withdrawal Limit, Considers 40 Percent Interest Rate.

MMM Sets N31.735 Maximum Withdrawal Limit

Following the recent updates on the popular ponzi scheme, MMM, the ‘management’ of the ‘company’ have pegged the maximum withdrawal of funds from the scheme at N31.735 as it was reliably gathereded that this was to avoid crashing on return.

Upon its return also, the MMM was said to have been considering jerking up the interest rate to 40 per cent from the current 30 per cent rate, after a top guider said MMM was indeed worried that, “the excitement and inflow has rapidly dropped.”

Checks, however, reveal that many who tried to withdraw even the set limit have been frustrated and have continued to hope on getting help. They say, errors response pops up each time they try to get help.

While some now rain insults on the management of the scheme, others say they are praying to get their monies back before the worse happens.

On the social media, users are currently lamenting.

@goldenval wrote: “Despite over 2million there, mine is showing 31k limits.”

@suedes: “Mine is 31k Limit despite my over 800k in the account and it’s showing error if you want to get help of that 31k. I don’t know how they calculated it, the 31k is less than 5percent of my money.”

“Fedayeen02: “Who will Provide the Help undecided?”

“akpos247: “I’ve lost faith in Mmm cos I’ve been matched but wen I called the person, he said he is not going to pay. I don’t blame him cause the way things are going, I wouldn’t have paid if I was in his shoes.

“They are not consistent, they had one month to resolve the whole issues.”

@fifty: “That’s because it’s not a withdrawal limit. The programmers hv worked on P.Os to enable small cash outs for the benefit of those who have small amts.”

The system pays and will pay – it is the main condition; otherwise its life will end. All payments are made in the system between its members, no general account for storage, ‘piggy banks’ and other mass aggregations of money that normally exist in conjunction with the temptation to pocket them.

All transfers are made only between the parties; the participants can communicate with each other and make sure that they are real people, but not the bogus bills. You can always ask to see the screen of the Personal cabinet and check the validity of obtaining money.