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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Religion Vs Sex :We asked a Pastor & an Alfa about masturbation, this is what they said

We take a look at what leaders of two of Nigeria’s most common religion have to say about this sensitive issue.
Is masturbation a bad thing?
In a bid to enlighten both Muslims and Christians, we reached out to religious leaders, a pastor and an Alfa.
According to the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) pastor named Adesina, it is “purely abominable.”
He laid emphasis on the power of the mind, and why it needs to clean not soiled by lustful thoughts that could lead to masturbation.
In his words, “You have to think of something before masturbating, and the Bible says if you look at a lady and you lust after her, that is a sin.”
He referred to Ephesians 5: 3–16, Colossians 3: 5–6, 1 Thessalonians : 3–5, Hebrews 1: 4 and Revelation 21: 8 as proof.

We also reached out to a Muslim scholar named Nurudeen Faruk gave also stated reasons why masturbation is not allowed, even though it is not mentioned in the Quran.
He said, “When it comes to masturbation it is not explicitly stated in the Quran. But there are some things that are seen as prohibited acts based on their intention and purpose, this applies to masturbation as well.”

The Alfa further explained that the creator makes room for everything and does not make mistakes.
In the words of the cleric, “God created all of mankind with the knowledge that sex would be one of our needs. So, he has laid down ways through which humans can satisfy this urge. Anyone that goes against this is doing something that is prohibited, even though it is not clearly stated.”
Pulse readers were also asked to weigh in and this is what they have to say.
75% say masturbation is not permitted for Christians while the remaining 25% also voted for the same thing for Muslims.
Readers weigh in

No one has voted for masturbation to be made acceptable by any of these religions.
As you can see, the Christian and Muslim clerics both agree on the fact masturbation is a sin.
Do you agree?

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