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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Crowd Welcomes Ike Ekweremadu In Enugu (PHOTOS)

It surprised everyone, we knew the masses who are closely watching the unfolding political developments in the country were waiting to show their solidarity to Ike Ekweremadu, but none of us knew that this number of people will arrive to welcome him to Enugu. 

From the airport, through the whole streets till his house in Enugu, it was a herculean task to control the surging crowd of people. 

The deputy senate leader later addressed the crowd in front of his house, and they gave him their assurance of continued support.

If it's like this in Enugu central where he does not represent, (This is Gil Nnaji constituency) how will the crowd be when he travels to Awgu and Aninri later? 

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