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NAIJASIMPLE.COM is now one of fastest growing site and most widely accessible website.Naijasimple is an ideal news portal where you reach your Audience.
It Was established in 2016,with the
                           " motto:Bringing News to your Doorsteps".

NAIJASIMPLE is mainly a News platform.Also we deliver Entertainments,Fashions,Educations and Any other Related News.With The listed above,most readers prefer our News portal Because we deliver Any breaking News and reliablenews.
We are really working Hard every day to day to make NAIJASIMPLE a sustainable news portal,Deliver News globally with the widest Reach through Innovation Backed by Excellent service Delivery,Highly Motivated human Capital and Latest Technology.
Our mission are visual great.we aim to make Citizen life Better with The internet.We aim to keep the masses informed,Educated,Entertained and to allow Freedom of expression,and good Governance.

Also,To make Positive impact on our readers providing High quality,Reliable for promoting Political stability,Economic prosperity and Knowledge.

How Can we Improve our site to your satisfaction?
Direct your Opinion or Any Complaint to olawoyinolumide@gmail.com Or Call/whatsapp: 07039529867.Thanks.